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Electronic Design Engineers

 Since 1985, Polytronics has been providing design and manufacturing services to a wide variety of clients, ranging from a person with an idea to global multi-national companies.

We have designed navigation systems, asset trackers, medical systems, glue controllers, cycle hire systems, battery chargers, pigeon timers, HDD test equipment, lift controllers - the list is very long.

We are skilled in analogue and digital electronics design, firmware and software for microcontrollers, 3D mechanical design, low power design for battery operated equipment, making user-friendly systems and more.

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Electronics Innovation

In case you are wondering what we look like when you talk to us........

  • Mark Bethell, Engineering Manager

    Mark Bethell

    Engineering Manager
  • Pete Evans, Commercial Manager

    Pete Evans

    Commercial Manager

“We have cooperated closely with Polytronics for many years on the design of our globally distributed range of medical pressure area care products. They have helped us successfully meet tight deadlines with innovative and effective electronics hardware and firmware designs.”

Martin TomsR & D Director, Linet Wound Care
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